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Endorsing Partner for Ci2013


The Malian Foundation is pleased to be an Endorsing Partner the 2013 Creative Innovation Asia Pacific Conference. The conference will focus on leadership and courage for volatile times.


Leadership Team Appointment

The Malian Foundation announced the appointment of Stephanie Douglass as Director of People & Performance with responsibility for the Foundation's human resource activities.


Media Reprints

What has the Foundation been up to lately? Where is it intending to head in the future? Find out by reading reprints of articles and interviews about the Foundation within the international media.


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Welcome to The Malian Foundation

Great ideas to improve our world. We all have them. Yet few have the resources to make things happen. The Malian Foundation partners with our clients, matching their level of determination and drive, to help them make an even greater impact on the causes they serve.

We deliver assistance via two programs, the Empowering Communities Program and the Consulting Services Program, which are offered without charge to charitable causes worldwide.

Our Programs


Empowering Communities Program

Our Empowering Communities Program provides management tools and technical solutions focused on common issues such as volunteer lifecycle management and donor development.

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Consulting Services Program

Our Consulting Services Program delivers personalised talent development and donor development advice via an international team of specialists.