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Our Media Kit

Our kit provides information regarding the Foundation which members of the media would find beneficial and useful. Our aim is to provide our friends in the media, up-to-date and relevant information about our work. To download a copy, please click on the link below.


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Our Mission and Vision

Organizational Profile of The Malian Foundation



Our Mission

Great ideas to improve our world. We all have them. Yet few have the resources to make things happen. Our mission is to assist people around the world turn their great ideas into successful initiatives which make a great impact on our world.



Our Vision

Our vision is that we will partner with our clients, matching their level of determination and drive, to help them make an even greater impact on the causes they serve.



Implementing our Mission

We implement our mission and vision through the provision of programs catering to charitable causes around the world. The two programs we provide are the Empowering Communities Program and the Consulting Services Program.

Our Empowering Communities Program focuses on the common issues surrounding non-profit organizations to improve volunteer management, fiscal management, strategic planning and donor relations. One of the central design themes of the Program is accessibility and easy implementation for charitable causes around the world. We have applied this theme by designing an electronic platform for distributing the products and services offered by the Program.

Our Consulting Services Program delivers personalised talent development and donor development advice via an international team of specialists.